Mining and Union Bosses to ALP Powerbrokers and Israel

Mining and Union Bosses to ALP Powerbrokers and Israel




The miners are like slash and burn merchants and they are not same as farmers or any other ongoing entities of a society. Recently, a new tax on mining industry made them unhappy and subsequently the money, power and influence of the mining bosses went on against the democratically elected government of Australia.


The mining union bosses generally protect the miners rather than workers and this time they joined with the mine owners against the Rudd government. The tabloid media outlets and shock jocks joined with these groups and together they ran a humongous and dishonest scare campaign against the government without providing any right of reply.


The ruthless and faceless Labor Party powerbrokers used this opportunity and they too joined with these gangs and installed Julia Gillard as the Prime Minister of Australia by removing Kevin Rudd.


Julia was a perfect candidate as she was escorted by the pro-Israeli/Zionist lobby to Israel earlier and since then she went on to make very strange noises in support of Israeli war crimes and genocide!    


Now, Julia Gillard is the boss! She is the Prime Minister of Australia!! But, what about Kevin Rudd?!    


Little Kevin’s father committed suicide when he was a little one. Kevin survived and from a middle ranking diplomat to bureaucrat to unusual Sunrise Show and finally Prime Minister of Australia! Kevin 07, go Kevin go.    


My Australian born Anglo-Saxon friend too was very close to commit suicide due to undue pressure excreted on him by the NSW police and Department of Transport! We would like to think because of my friend Mike and my positive contribution he survived. We can add 80 000 mainly non-Muslim farmers around the world who committed suicide last year alone and they found no virgins as “72 virgins” are reserved for the Muslims and Arabs only!         




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