Manufacturing Consent and Opinion

Manufacturing Consent and Opinion





How Israel tricked Hamas before launching Gaza strikes


The radio report, on Friday, was a final move in six months of planning and deception leading up to the strikes, The Australian reported.



Who was behind Hamas and why?


Hamas' early growth had been supported by the Mossad as a "counterbalance to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)". Furthermore, the French investigative newspaper Le Canard enchaîné stated that Shin Bet had also supported Hamas as a counterweight to the PLO and Fatah, in an attempt to give "a religious slant to the conflict, in order to make the West believe that the conflict was between Jews and Muslims", thus supporting the controversial thesis of a "clash of civilizations".[86]


Source: Hamas


Do You Know Julius Striker and Hitler’s PR man Dr. Joseph Gobles are laughing at Modern Day Journalists?


A few years ago, some bad people from Lebanon (South Lebanon Army) were whisked in to Australia and no one said a word about it. Those SLA fighters are worse than the Phalangist militia who were responsible for many crimes including the Sabra and Shatila massacre with the assistance of the brutal Israeli occupation forces. These Phalange militias were bad people and no country including Israel refused to accept them. However, when Israel ordered Australia to accept those criminal militias, Australia accepted them without a question and media outlets failed to say a word about ugly Israel centric deal.

Today the government said that they will accept a few Guantanamo Bay detainees to assist the closure of that infamous “gulag”. As a result the corporate media outlet lead fake angers are terrorizing Australian airwaves! The people are mad because the media outlets are manufacturing consent and opinion with the most popular anti-Muslim and anti-Arab aroma.

In the meantime, the media outlets virtually ignored 40 000 strong peaceful protest march of Sydney against Israeli terrorism in Gaza and they described them as “4 000 Muslims’ march”. They also call, “Hamas militants” ….. and many more slants and dents in their reporting gave an impression, which is far from reality and humanity. In short, Nazi journalist Julius Striker and Hitler’s PR man Dr. Joseph Gobles are laughing at them from their graves!             


But again, The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk and father and daughter episode was covered up nicely by the Zionised media of Australia including Lord Downer of Baghdad! The story, legs are open for business and the Brazilian connection are good enough for this time.


Source: Free Australia Now