Let’s Talk About Jews, Zionists and Judeo-Christian Culture

Do You Know Who Is a True Jew? Who is a Semite? What is a Judeo-Christian Culture?


Israeli politics is based on is based on Manipulation and Deception.


Therefore Theory of Faruque Ahmed is correct.




Do You Know Who Is a True Jew?

If you got an open mind then I have got news for you!

According to Jewish, Christian and Muslim documents true Jews do not exist!
Do you know what are they? Are they following some cults other than Judaism?

When Moses went to free the Jews from the Pharaohs captivity, he was scared of Egyptian magic (similar to US high tech?). God said to Moses, “don’t be afraid, throw your stick and witness your God’s power”. ……… .

Moses convinced the Pharaoh and freed his people!
Moses parted the Arabian Sea and freed the Jews from slavery.
Then Moses went to speak to God and thank him for saving his people.
God said to Moses, “do you know what are your people doing”?
Moses said, “they are praying for you”.
God said, “go and find out”.

Moses went to his people and found, only his brother Aaron and a couple of people were following him and the rest of them were drinking, gambling, fornicating, praying to golden sheaf, ….

Now, please tell me who is a real Jew?
I say so despite the fact that I am willing to respect all religion and tolerant to all cultural sensitivities.


Source: http://thecowsorjews.blogspot.com/2009/11/do-you-know-who-is-true-jew.html





Who is a Semite?

Further to Do You Know Who Is a True Jew? and What is a Judeo-Christian culture?; can we establish who is a Semite?

Sem·ite (s m t ) KEY NOUN:

A member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Near East and northern Africa, including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians.
A Jew.

Bible A descendant of Shem.


A group of people who falsely claim to be Jew and they may not have even 0.1% Semitic blood or mixed with hundreds of European bloods can not be a true Semite!


Anyway, under what law, moral or authority a Semite is superior to non-Semites?!



Source: http://whospoiledeuropeanblood.blogspot.com/2009/11/who-is-semite.html




What is a Judeo-Christian culture?

What is a Judeo-Christian culture?

The Jews do not accept Jesus as Messiah!

Christians also view him as the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament; however, Judaism rejects these claims. Islam considers Jesus a prophet and also the Messiah[4] while several other religions revere him in some way.

Judaism's view of Jesus does not give us an iota of evidence in support of Judeo-Christian culture!

The belief that Jesus is God, a person of the Trinity, the Messiah, or a prophet of God are incompatible with traditional Jewish tenets. The idea of the Jewish Messiah is different from the Christian Christ because Jews believe Jesus did not fulfill Jewish Messianic prophecies that establish the criteria for the coming of the Messiah.[6] Authoritative texts of Judaism reject Jesus as God, Divine Being, intermediary between humans and God, Messiah or saint.

The belief in the Trinity, as with many other central Christian doctrines,[7] is also held to be incompatible with Judaism.

The New Testament is clear in teaching that the Jews murdered Jesus. It states this explicitly and repeatedly, in different settings, and in various ways. It states that the Jews intended to kill Jesus, that they plotted to kill Jesus, that they tried to kill Jesus, that they would kill Jesus, and that they did kill Jesus. Here Paul writes, "the Jews…killed the Lord Jesus" (v. 15) – a direct, concise, and explicit statement that the Jews murdered Jesus. This fact receives repeated emphasis in the preaching of the apostles, whether they are addressing Jews, or whether they are addressing Gentiles, as in this letter to the Thessalonians.

What World-famous Men have said About the Jews and above statements clearly demonstrate that the Jews conspired to murder Jesus at Jerusalem and later his brother James at Rome. On the other hand the Muslims respect Jesus and his mother Marry.

Therefore dreaming and falsely engineering a romantic relation between the Jews and Christians does not stand. So is the notion of Judeo-Christian culture.


Source: http://enslavedusaukandaustralia.blogspot.com/2009/11/what-is-judeo-christian-culture.html



Israeli politics is based on is based on Manipulation and Deception



Summery of The World Politics

British politics is based on Divide and Rule.

Machiavellian politics is based on Back Stabbing.

American politics is based on Nuclear Bomb and Humvy.

Chinese politics is based on Commutalism (Capitalism + Communism).

India politics is based on English and Democracy.

Israeli politics is based on is based on Manipulation and Deception.

Palestinian politics is based on Anger and Frustration.

Australian politics is based on Child Killing (for mistress or money).

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Source: http://worldconferenceagainstracism.blogspot.com/2009/11/summery-of-world-politics.html