Hezbut Tahrir or Hezbul Satan?

Hezbut Tahrir or Hezbul Satan?

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Further to Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?, (Who invented) Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims and USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now I would like to draw your attention about the following items. 

 ‘Muslim Terrorists’ Anthrax Attack was not an Islamic Terrorism.

Europol Report: All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 99.6% that Aren't

The Gujarat Train Fire was an accident and NOT Islamic Terrorism?


Beside Zionised American Terrorism and Beyond Zionised American Terrorism above links clearly demonstrate the fact that Muslims are victims of deliberate propaganda, prejudice and bigotry. Surprisingly, you people are silent about all of these issues. You are also silent about many other disturbing materials against Muslims appearing in the media on a daily basis.    


Yet, you are delighted to make provocative and damaging statements in the media to attract cruel and hurtful comments against Muslims. Surprisingly, when media outlets and people go mad with Muslims and Islam you hide behind burqa!    


Therefore, it becomes a must to ask you; “are you from Hezbut Tahrir or Hezbul Satan?”


Disgustingly Yours


Faruque Ahmed


Free America Now, Free Australia Now, Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Norma Khouri, ….  

7th of July 2010