Faruque Ahmed - Idiot Savant (Without the Savant)

Faruque Ahmed - Idiot Savant (Without the Savant)


The creator of the above group “Faruque Ahmed - Idiot Savant (Without the Savant)” is a gutless wonder indeed. He never answers any questions. He loves to insult and attack people based on totally false and fabricated reasons and grounds. 


At outset, it appears;

1. Prejudice made him dumb.

2. Bigotry made him deaf.

3. Zionism made him blind.


People like him think;

a. Hitler’s ethnic cleansing is holocaust.

b. Israeli ethnic cleansing is command of God.

c. Hitler’s terror and torture is inhumane.

d. Israeli terror and torture is justified.

e. God gave land to the Jews.

f. Jewish God dos not like other religious people.

g. Jewish God gave them permission to murder other religious people.



People of this type and their supporters believe;

1.     They are the chosen people.

2.     They are the superior race.

3.     God gave them the land.

4.     Their god gave them the power to ethnically cleanse non-Jews.


Ironically they deny all of the above. However, since the creation of the illegal and immoral Zionist state, it’s policies and practices as well as the history of Jews clearly support each and every points mentioned above!


Yet, they call other people racist, fascist, … ! I think they are the number one enemies of mankind and because of them the world peace and stability is at risk.   


Right now, I am asking this disgusting person to answer the blog below instead of promoting prejudice and bigotry based on totally false and fabricated reasons and grounds. 




Faruque Ahmed

Mobile: 041 091 4118

February 5, 2010