False and inaccurate reporting by ABC radio and television stations

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Thursday, January 08, 2009


The Chairman

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Re: False and inaccurate reporting by ABC radio and television stations


CC to: ACMA, Parliamentarians and Media


Dear Sir

“Faruque Ahmed Fights against the Modern Day Nazis” and “Final Statement and Not Final Solution” are true narratives of the Israel Palestine conflict.

I draw your attention because of the followings:

1. Hamas was created by Israel.

2. Hamas is a lawfully elected sovereign government and NOT a terrorist organisation.  

3. Many media reports including The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald below have been reporting the fact that so called “therroristh khamas rockets”(sic) are not the reason behind the recent Israeli massacre continuum in the occupied Palestine.

The real reason is the Israelis believe such false notions as believing in a “MANIFEST DESTINY” and in the last sixty years concocted history and maps of 1947, 2000 and 2008 of Israel are undeniable evidence of the falsity and madness by Israel and their supporters.

They also say;

1. “God gave us this land”.

2. “This holy land is for the Jews only and not for gentiles or goys”. Therefore they have the right to expel non Jews i.e. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. etc as they have been doing so for the last sixty years with the assistance of the so called Christian USA, UK, Australia, … .

3. “We are the chosen people of God”.

4. “We are the master race …. .”

Islam and any other religions have got nothing to do with this conflict. The Israelis and their supporters’ mad and offensive Zionist beliefs, policies and brutal practices are the root cause of this conflict. The Zionism Is Incompatible With Any Society and Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion demonstrate some of the shocking but true mindset of these people.

Shocking cynicism of a poisoned homeland, Trauma of innocent children could scar them for life, Israel wounded in propaganda war, Calculated timetable for Hamas onslaught, A legitimate right to self-defense, Israeli tanks hit UN school, Israeli strike hits school, kills dozens and many more reports are contrary to pro-Israeli didactics and propaganda carefully concealed as news and reports by many ABC radio and Television stations! Surely, these reporting are not truthful and accurate reporting by any standards.

How Israel tricked Hamas before launching Gaza strikes, How do the Zionists tricked the world? and Not Rockets – Zionism Is the Reason! are more evidence to prove the fact that MANIFEST DESTINY and  Zionism are instrumental behind this Israeli massacre and not “therroristh khamas rockets”(sic) as ABC outlets are reporting inaccurately and maliciously

I therefore would like to request you to report the Israel Palestinian conflict truthfully and accurately instead of converting ABC Radio and Television outlets as “creative” and cruel Israeli propaganda machines.

With thanks.

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed