Do They (The Zio-Nazis) Deserve the Gas Chamber?

Do They (The Zio-Nazis) Deserve the Gas Chamber?


Israel has openly and repeatedly expressed it's intention to nuke/attack Iran. On the contrary Iran never said it would demolish Israel, all this despite a totally false and vindictive Israeli campaign which was assisted by the BBC and other zionised media outlets.

It is perfectly natural for the Iranian youths to demand more freedom. It also true that as is often similar to any other theocratic regimes, the mullahs of Iran are misusing their power and many people are not happy! However, the current Iranian protests are not really related to the so called election fraud. In fact it is another rerun of "Mohammad Mossadegh and Operation Ajax" conducted by Israel and USA.

The spectre of Operation Ajax was clearly revealed and it lost it's cover when Israel and the USA openly questioned and attacked the Iranian election result just recently. Like many people I pondered and I asked myself out loud the question, "why is it Charles Manson should be taking care of Sharon Tate"?

Anyway, I have posted the article below at the Yahoo Q And A forum and it has attracted many honest and valuable responses. Yet, the Zio-Nazi cliques certainly appear to have murdered and censored this link just like they have a million other links/posts that I can think of! Honestly, I am sick and tired of these types of well orchestrated and systematic Zio-Nazi (Zionist/Israeli/Israeli supporters/Jewish) attacks on free speech.             

Remember, like Dr. Mohammad Mossaddeq the current bogeyman Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done many good things for his country and his people. Both of these identities did nothing for their own personal benefit. So why have they been targeted by the so called democracy loving humanitarian and god fearing regimes like USA, UK, Australia and their master Israel?


Faruque Ahmed

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