Can You Change it Over Night or No Hope in America?

Can You Change it Over Night or No Hope in America?




Further to Are You Impressed? President Obama said, “… all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. ..”. We also know, “violence is not a solution as violence breeds violence”.


The ill motivated and badly planed and executed invasion in Afghanistan is becoming a quagmire and the stability of the whole region is under threat now. The entire situation is complicated by Israel centric policy and styles like collective punishment and disproportionate force inspired by racism and sectarianism. To hide these types of policies and practices with spin are literally blatant and bound to fail.


The horrendous policy of murdering civilians by missiles, dropping bombs from Fighter jets and drones are deadly and barbaric in nature. More than 90% victims of such attacks are civilians. Sadly, policy and practices of this kind will ensure total defeat of USA and it’s allies and victory of Taliban brands in Afghanistan.


I am sure President Obama and new administration can avoid deadly mistakes mentioned above.


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