Can You Beat Your Wife?

Can You Beat Your Wife?


Dear Philip,


Do you remember who said this, “the dog, women and walnut tree – beat them up better to be”? Certainly not Muslim leaders! 


Most of the people were silent during the well planed and meticulously executed Israeli holocaust in the occupied Palestine! Many people were silent about it!! Even some people blamed the victims for being beaten by the mighty Israelis. The enthusiastic crowed discovered “Hijab or Burkah” issue and they polluted the airwaves with that very important (?) issue.  


Today, Australia’s airwaves are overtaken by so called Muslim cleric’s comment regarding women six moths earlier! They are going mad about it. One Jackie/Salina spoke to Chris Smith of radio 2GB. She is a well known pest and many good Christian leaders avoid her poison. Anyway, she said, “ … Muslims treat their women worse than donkey and dog. Muslims are not allowed to pray near women. I know because I am an Arab Christian and this things are written in their book”. Chris challenged her mildly. I then rang up and offered $200 reward if anyone can prove the existence of such garbage. Chris’s staffs were very good to me. They rang me two times, very busy program and somehow I could not speck to him on air.


In our society 95% of murders, manslaughters and rapes come from some one you know and love! Most of these offenders and victims are non Muslims. May I ask who do you blame for these types of crimes? The Muslims, Christians or the society in general!


Considering the false outrage and manufactured consent and opinion, I have to support that so called cleric because he is not teaching anyone to kill his wife.


Many Christian sects and Jewish teachings are not only unacceptable, they are vulgar too. Do you like me to talk about them? Be fair please.    


Thursday, January 22, 2009