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It started in April of 2008 while the subject was working at a certain gas station in north Loveland. I noticed she was spending a lot of time watching me and my house while on her frequent breaks. In early May, I asked her about it and also asked when she started working there. She replied she started working about March but played ignorant about any other activities.

As time went on, I noticed she would spend a lot of time in front of the store sitting by the picnic table,smoke cigarettes,visit with her mostly male FB's and watch my house.

It is noted, in May the store failed their health inspection mainly because she was spending most of her time on break and not doing her job. The station required a follow-up inspection later in the summer.

One day, near the end of June, I went to the store and confronted her about her constant vigil of watching my house. Her cold and glassy denial made me want to immediately leave. I was just waiting for her to tear her blouse and cry rape! I knew then that the subject had a psychotic mentality and was on a personal vendetta.

I made note that she drove a dark green Kia to work and its license plate number 9xx-xxx. Sometimes after work she would drive down the street behind the store instead of going south on 287. I discovered later she had FB's living on that street. On one occasion, early one morning, I saw her in front of an apartment building on that street where she apparently spent the night. She was smoking a cigarette and frantically pacing back-and-forth as she usually did when she smoked while alone. Later I acquired the name of the people living in that apartment.

In mid July, on a Friday night, she had her FB's damage our mailboxes  I was working in the garage the following morning, when the mailman came running up and told me about the damaged boxes. He advised me to call the law and said he would also make a report with the PO security. I made a report with the local law. I knew she was connected to the incident because for several days after, she laid low and didn't come out of the store when on her shift.

Later, on a July evening, she and/or her FB's lit a full pack of firecrackers on my corner while I was watching TV. This was the beginning of her and her gangs ongoing harassment attacks.

Also in July she started her campaign of slandering me to the neighborhood. While on her frequent smoking breaks, the subject would spend time in front of the store telling delivery men and patrons that I was watching people near the store.

In July I covered my windows with a Polaroid screen when I discovered she was using binoculars to watch me in my house. This infuriated her because I cut off her peeping-tom activity.

The station dismissed her in August when they changed management. On one of her last days, standing in front of the store, she made a gang-like gesture vowing that she would be revengeful.

It was quiet for the next few months except for an occasional drive-by obscenity from a car which was from her or one of her FB's. This usually happened when I was in my front yard. It was noted on two occasions it came from a green dual cab pickup and a black Scion.

In November, prior to Thanksgiving, she and her FB's started driving by and honking at all hours. On Thanksgiving morning I called the local law after she or one of her FB's laid on their horn while passing my house. This was the first of many harassment related calls to the local law. Also noted was a precedence of increased harassment before and during a holiday.

Several days before Christmas, she had one of her FB's smear animal dung on the side of my car while it was parked in my driveway. I called the local law and made a report of the vandalism.

One day following Christmas one of her FB's in a white Chevy drove slowly by the house and gave the finger as he passed.
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