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Swindon Film Society 

RWBC community cinema

Highworth Community Cinema

Film Links

   Internet Movie Database - this is THE source for film info on the web

   Find Any Film - search for films playing in the UK

   Guardian Film - film reviews, news and what's on near you

   Channel 4 Film - film reviews and news

   Rotten Tomatoes - film reviews and news

   TimeOut - film reviews and news - film reviews - film reviews

   BBC Film - no new reviews from 02-May-08, click on MOVIES for Reviews A-Z

   Movie Review Query Engine - loads of links to worldwide film reviews

   European Films - reviews and news before many of them are discussed in the uk media

   Film Distributors' Association - find UK release dates of films

   British Board of Film Classification - find distributor of a film in the UK

   British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) - this is our umbrella organisation

   BFFS South West Group - film society activities in the South West

   UK Film Societies - film societies in the rest of the country

   Independent Cinema Office - supports independent cinema exhibition in the UK

   British Film Institute - info about the world of film and TV - took over from UK Film Council

   Creative England - supporting independent creative businesses

   britfilms - information, news and links of British films courtesy of the British Council

   British Movies - another website for info on British films - world film news and reviews

   Apple Trailers - website with trailers for current and classic film - French website with loads of trailers of international films

   Film Festivals - website for international films festivals