Kim Sharma and Yubraj Singh 


The latest love couple of Bollywood and a cricketer are Kim Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. But reportedly split with her cricketer boyfriend Yuvraj Singh.

The two were very much in love till recently. The reason for their break up has been cited to hectic professional life of both Kim and Yuvraj.


Zaheer Khan-Isha Sharbani

These two got really close within a short period of time but quickly parted for reasons best known to two of them. 

Sourav Ganguly And Nagma :

Sourav and Nagma’s relationship created lots of controversies in India. Sourav Ganguly was the captain of Indian cricket team at that time. Nagma a popular South Indian film actress.

The two have been seen together at a Shiva temple in Andhra Pradesh. Although Sourav Ganguly kept silent about the issue and his family tried to repair his relationship with his wife Dona, Nagma confessed about the relationship.

Reena Roy - Moshin Khan

At the pinnacle of her career, Reena Roy chucked it all for handsome Pakistani cricketer Moshin Khan. And soon enough, doomed their respective careers. The cricketer quit the game to try his hand in acting, but failed. Reena Roy moved to Pakistan, leaving the glamour world behind. The two are divorced now, and Roy is acting in Indian television serials. 

Ravi Shastri  And Amrita Singh :

Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri is a Maharashtrian cricketer. This Indian cricketer was immensely popular among girls in his youth. Starting as a bowler he gradually became a batsman but excelled in both. On the other hand, Amrita Singh was an aspiring actress. The two went their separate ways.

Ravi married Ritu Singh and Amrita got married to Saif Ali Khan, the son of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore in 1991. 

Anju Mahendru - Sir Gary Sobers                                                        

They had a whirlwind romance and was supposedly even engaged. The West Indian legend and the Indian actress met when the West Indies cricket team came to play in India in the ’60s. But they were destined to part. Much later, in his autobiography, the all-rounder said the main reason for their split was Anju's parents, who were completely against their daughter getting engaged to a black man.

Neena Gupta - Vivian Richards

The legendary West Indian right-handed batsman and the small-time actress had a torrid affair (some reports say it was only a one-night stand). Neena hit headlines when she decided to bear the child out of wedlock. Viv Richards supposedly visits the mother and daughter, once every year. But marriage is not on the cards.

Sharmila Tagore And Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi :  

After so much heart breaks, divorce, short lived romances and rumors you would definitely start to think that "cricketer actress jodi (couple)" is totally hopeless.

But wait!! if your love is true, if you have faith in each other then there is always hope.

Kapil Dev And Sarika :

Kapil Dev’s status in Indian cricket can be compared to that of Amitabh Bachchan in Indian film industry. Under his captaincy, the Indian Team won the cricket World Cup in 1983.

The all rounder Indian cricketer had an affair with the then top actress Sarika, who later got married to Kamal Haasan, the legendary South Indian actor, recently divorced.

Imran Khan And Zeenat Aman :

He was the "Brad Pitt" of Pakistan Cricket and she was the "Angelina Jolie" of 70's and 80's Bollywood cinema. Imran Khan is the most famous cricket player of Pakistan. Not only, was he famous for his cricket but also for his looks and physique among women of all the cricket playing nations.

It was he who brought sex appeal to the game. On the other hand, Zeenat Aman was the sex symbol of the 70’s Bollywood. However, their relationship did not last long. Imran Khan later got married to the daughter of a British millionaire Jemima Goldsmith.


Shoaib Akhtar And Sonali Bendre :

Popularly known as “Rawalpindi Express” for his long run up, Shoaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler in the world. On the other hand, Sonali Bendre was a model turned actress who could not make it big time in Bollywood.

The two met in 2004 during Indian Pakistan series. Lots of rumors spread about the relationship and Shoaib still mentions Sonali’s name as one of his most favorite actress. Sonali married Bollywood film director, Goldie Behl in 2002.   

Ajay Jadeja and Madhuri Dixit

This was more of a media imaginative story and spread like a grape vine. Probably, Ajay was fallen for her . But Madhuri has no intention beyound a mere freindship.   

Azhar and Sangeeta Bijlani

The couple met for the first time while shooting of commercials. Having fallen in love at first sight, they went on meeting in various occasions and even in flights. Azhar had to finally decide to break away from his first wife Naureen. The couple is leading a happily married life in Hyderabad where the two sons of Azhar from his first wife also stay.
The duo met during ipl-3 and are in constant touch over phone call and SMSs. This is a developing story and bridging the boundaries for a happy end. 


 The BCCI launched the INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE (IPL) on the lines of football's English Premier League and the National Basketball League (NBA) of the US.The IPL is a professional Twenty20 cricket league created and promoted by the BCCI and backed by the ICC.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) operated in 2008 with the naming of the eight city franchises and their owners, a mix of the biggest names in business and Bollywood. The Twenty20 league for 2008 was a huge sucess with eight teams comprising a minimum of 16 players each. The league lasted for 44 days and involved 59 matches.

The Kolkata team is owned by Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, actress Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta for $75.09 million for a 10-year period. 'Icon player' Sourav Ganguly is the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders. Australia's John Buchanan is the coach of the team.

 The Mohali team was bought by Bollywood diva Preity Zinta, her industrialist beau Ness Wadia, along with renowned industrialists Karan Paul and Mohit Burman for $76 million for a period of 10 years. 'Icon player' Yuvraj Singh is the captain of Kings XI Punjab. Australia's Tom Moddy is the coach of the team. 
So the Cricket and Bollywood romance got a new dimension with active participation in the game.

This is what Preity Zinta had to say about her team reaching IPL Semi Final:

"I am learning a lot about cricket. Everyday I pray hard and cross my fingers and hope our team will get the cup. Earlier I used to go to the matches and just hope our team will play well. Now I want them to really excel and win. I sit nervously watching. But our boys are performing really well. Our team has had its highs and lows. But overall they've been playing well. I'm proud of them. Yuvraj has been an outstanding captain."


All-rounder (1984): This Kumar Gaurav starrer was probably the first Bollywood film to be made on ups and downs of a professional cricketer’s life. The film was made after India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983.

Malamaal (1988): Well, this wasn’t exactly a cricket film but in one crucial part of this film Naseeruddin Shah is seen playing a cricket match that he wants to lose at all costs. This particular cricket match sequence received heavy publicity mainly due to the presence of Indian cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar, who is seen playing the entire cricket match alongside Shah in the film.

Awwal Number (1990) : India has lost all hopes of saving the cricket test series against Australia in the film. Aditya Pancholi plays the arrogant and unsuccessful captain who is replaced by a younger and talented cricketer, Aamir Khan, in this Dev Anand film. Amidst this rivalry, the final test match is threatened by a terrorist attack which is stopped by none other than our very own evergreen star Anand in this best forgotten film.

Chamatkaar (1992): In this entertaining film, Shah Rukh Khan plays a college team’s cricket coach. Their aim? To win a crucial match to ensure that the campus is not pulled down by the opposition. Naseeruddin Shah plays a ghost who helps Shah Rukh’s team to win the match in the climax.

Lagaan (2001) : The mother of all Bollywood cricket flicks, winning an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. The film is set in the pre-independence era and Aamir Khan along with director Ashutosh Gowariker cleverly amalgamated cricket and patriotism, setting the audience’s passion on fire. The audience was rooting for Aamir’s team in the film’s second half and it was as good as watching live cricket. No wonder the film turned into a trend-setting box office hit.

Stumped (2003): The film was a comparison between Indian cricketers going into the field during the 1999 Cricket World Cup and the Indian soldiers heading to the Kargil War. The film was released during the 2003 Cricket World Cup to cash in on the cricket craze but it failed to strike a chord and may be best remembered for Salman Khan agreeing to do an item number on Raveena Tandon’s request.

Iqbal (2005): This sensitive tale of a deaf and mute village boy who aspires to become part of Indian cricket team featured a sensitive performance by Shreyas Talpade in the lead role. It touched a chord with aspiring cricketers, especially in small Indian towns and villages. Popular Indian cricketer Kapil Dev, also played a crucial part in this film and this was Naseeruddin Shah’s third cricket film, making him a cricket specialist, at least on screen.

Chain Khuli Ki Main Khuli (2007) : This film is essentially a story of an orphan boy who gets hold of a magic cricket bat and ends up playing and winning matches for the Indian cricket team. This young boy was played endearingly by Zain Khan and Rahul Bose chipped in with a decent act as the Indian cricket team’s captain.

Say Salaam India (2007): This film was released during 2007 Cricket World Cup with Sanjay Suri heading a cast of unknown actors. On a positive note, the film was an honest attempt about an underdog cricket team who are busy chasing their dreams, and how they achieve it, finally by defeating the favourite local team.


Dt.29.07.08, Mumbai: Cricket Icon Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is about to make his debut in Bollywood movie "Vighnaharta Shri Siddhivinayaka" a film about Lord Ganesha. It is understood that he will play a small role either in a song sequence or in an actual scene and will not be charging any money for the role.