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Tips  to watch the streams. Live cricket online

1. Most of the streams works only in internet explorer except Justin tv , ustream and few others. Close all other programmes while watching the streams for best streaming. Sopcast streams works only in internet explorer. SPVOD Player needs to be  downloaded and installed from

Oox streams works only in internet explorer and can be found at  it  takes 2-3 minute to start

2. Download and install player if prompted so.  Stay in the player atleast one minute.

3. Refresh the pages regularly if you see not broadcasting. 

4. Soapcast streams take minutes to start.

5. Selfcast player will show not broadcasting for minutes.            Stay in the player, it will work.

6. If designated links not showing matches ,  check all the        links  as  working links  are changed regularly.

7. Make  sure the rules in the country you reside allows  you to watch the match on the internet. Most of the free streams on the internet are not having copyright and will stop at any time. So do not pay for the streams if you are unsure about the copyright.

8. Sopcast Guide.

   Update IE and Media Player  to meet the minimum requirements.

   Install sopcast Plugin if you don’t have it already ( You can download using one of the links Download Plugin

  Close Internet Explorer and Open Again.

  You are ready to watch sopcast Streams, Open any site which shows sopcast streams in Internet Explorer only

  The status bar of sopcast should either say connecting, stopped, Channel offline, No peers to connect,  Cannot retrieve data.        

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