Are we having fun, or whaaaaaaat???

Cricket, the talking doll from Playmates Toys, made her first public appearance in February 1986, at Toy Fair in New York city. ere excited. (See Cricket's Toy Fair poster. ) She was an instant hit, landing in the list of Top Ten toys by Christmas of that year. She was a unique doll - not a talking bear or a Mother Goose but an almost-real little girl. Children everywhere took her to their hearts. She was a best friend, a big sister, a little girl who traveled the world, went on exciting adventures,  and shared her games, rhymes, and good times. She was a comforting presence for children who were ill and showed all of us how to enjoy life by finding fun in every situation.   

 Playmates Toys had to work hard to spread the word about their precocious little girl. They were not one of the big players in the industry; up till that time they had imported toys from overseas manufacturers for distribution in the U.S. The Cricket doll was their first major offering and they were very proud of her!