P. Marcos Crichigno


Institute for Theoretical Physics, 

University of Amsterdam

Research Interests

  • Supersymmetric gauge theories 
  • Quantum Geometry
  • Kahler and Generalized Kahler Geometry
  • 2D N=(2,2) Gauged Linear Sigma Models
  • AdS/CFT
Current Projects

    I'm currently working on a couple of projects with various collaborators. Mainly:
  • Twisted compactifications of SCFTs (with Nikolay Bobev)
  • NS5-Branes and Localization (with Daniel Park, Sungjay Lee, and Peter Koroteev).
  • Generalized N=(2,2) GLSMs (with Martin Rocek)
  1. Non-toric Cones and Chern-Simons Quivers (with Dharmesh Jain)
  2. Bound states of spinning black holes in five dimensions (with Flavio Porri and Stefan Vandoren)[arxiv:1603.09729]
  3. Two-dimensional SCFTs from D3-branes (with Francesco Benini and Nikolay Bobev)[arXiv:1511.09462] 
  4. Towards the gravity/CYBE correspondence beyond integrability--Yang-Baxter Deformations of T¹¹ (with Takuya Matsumoto and Kentaroh Yoshida) [arXiv:1510.00835] (conference proceeding)
  5. On gauged linear sigma models with torsion (with Martin Rocek) [arXiv:1506.00335]
  6. Semichiral Fields on S^2 and Generalized Kahler Geometry (with Francesco Benini, Dharmesh Jain, and Jun Nian) [arXiv:1505.06207]
  7. Deformations of T¹¹ as Yang-Baxter sigma models (with Takuya Matsumoto and Kentaroh Yoshida)[arXiv:1406.2249]
  8. Free Energy of Dn Quiver Chern-Simons Theories (with Chris Herzog and Dharmesh Jain) [arXiv:1211.1388]
  9. Darboux Coordinates and Instanton Corrections in Projective Superspace (with Dharmesh Jain)  [arXiv:1204.3899]
  10. The Semichiral Quotient, HyperKahler manifolds, and T-duality [arXiv:1112.1952]
  11. W-Z-Top Bags (with Edward Shuryak, V.V. Flambaum, and M. Kuchiev) [arXiv:1006.0645]
  12. Quantum Corrections to Multi-quanta Higgs bags in the Standard Model (with Edward Shuryak) [arXiv:0909.5629]
  13. Quantum Corrections to Lorentz Invariance violating theories: Fine-tuning problem (with Hector Vucetich) [hep-th/0607214]