Crib Creations by James Miller creates handmade recycled benches from old baby cribs.  Benches can be made from your child's old crib so that memories can stay alive forever.  But you do not have to have children in order to have a bench from Crib Creations.  Premade benches are also available and are made from donated baby cribs.  This is a great way to keep these large items out of our landfills!  Crib Creations believes strongly in recycling everything possible and attempts to use as much of the cribs as possible. It is important for us all to do our part to be eco-friendly!  So, why not recycle your cribs into beautiful benches! 


Crib Creations also creates wonderful doll and toy cribs.  These smaller cribs are perfect for little girls to put their dolls to bed in or to display your collection of antique dolls.




This is a bench made from a recycled baby crib.  The back of the bench is made from a side rail and the arm rests are cut from the end pieces of a crib.   


This doll crib is made from a baby crib that has had all of its dimensions cut down in proportion.