CRIADERO PISABO was established by Andres Barahona and his wife Lorena in 2011. It is located in Aloag, Ecuador. But the story of caring, riding and breeding horses goes back to 1982. It is a lifetime story influenced by many people to whom this page is dedicated.


Andres was born on January 1981 in the middle of a horse and dairy cattle lovers family. At his first birthday his grandfather gave him his first horse which was named CONDORITO, a pony that influenced and changed his life forever. Since that moment his love for horses has only grow.


While growing, Andres was always exposed to horses and cattle. By the age of five , curious as any boy at his age, Andres was looking at one of his older cousins train a horse for a jumping competition and due to his nature spirit to explore more about horses tried to carry a log for the horse to jump and had an accident were he broke his nose. Many people will think that something like this would make a kid no longer wanted to get closer to horses again, but instead Andres learned the hard way that there are many risks involved with horses and continue nurturing him-self with experiences around his favorite animal. This accident left a sign on Andres' nose that last till today. At the age of six Andres won his first public race on CONDORITO. The sensation on winning on a horse make him want to get more horses as his life partner was getting old. 


At the age of eight his father bought him an andalucian-cross mare that died few months after having the first foal. The new foal was named Andaluz and grew up to be a nice gelding, but due to a financial crisis his family decided to sell the horse when it was ready to be break. Andres had to wait a couple of year before he was able to get a new horse, however he never got disconnected with the horses and equestrian sports as he worked and ride many horses that his relatives owned. Moreover, Andres expended every summer at his grandfathers farm learning more about horses and dairy cattle while ridding and training farm horses every day.

By 1997 his family fully recuperated from the financial crisis decided to buy a small ranch and got Andres a new horse. This time it was a nice peruvian paso stallion named CANTINERO and that we have serving till today. CANTINERO has been used also to take part on town parades as he moves great and is always catching the public attention.
In 1998, Andres decided to move to the United State to obtain a university degree. He attended Texas A&M University where he studied Agricultural Economics. During this period he also try to learn more about horses and took a couple of equine management classes. 

 After graduation from Texas A&M, Andres moved to El Salvador where he also got involve with the equestrian community. Short after he arrived there, he started to compete on Jumping and Endurance. In 2004, Andres did his first Endurance clinic where he met Atilo Acosta from Argentina who encouraged him to get involve with this sport more in deep, leading him to get a second place in the 2004 Salvadorian National Endurance Championship.

In 2005, upon the return to Ecuador, Andres incorporated a nice paso-english cross mare to the ranch with the idea of breeding working horses, but she died few months later leaving behind a colt that was raised by hand with cow milk and is part of the family till today. His name is PRINCIPE.
In 2006 also two more geldings were introduced to the family by Andres, a peruvian paso (CHARO) and a hispano-criollo cross (CHESTER). Both were used for trail ridings till in 2008 Andres decided to go back to Endurance racing and prepared CHESTER for this new adventure.
After racing Endurance for two years with CHESTER, Andres decided that to have a long and successful career he needed not only to ride good horses but to breed them. Analyzing the best breeds for this sport he decided that he wanted to breed full Arabians and purchased his first arabian mare named AR BURBUJA. In 2010 CHESTER got sick and Andres had to leave the races for a full year, till he purchased SUE LD. SUE is a pure arabian mare and our start mare today. SUE, BURBUJA and PRINCIPE were send in 2011 to Piedra Blanca Training Center to be fully broke and trained for Endurance. But BURBUJA was retired of the Endurance program after winning one race and getting a second place on another to start on the breeding program. 
During the year that Andres could not race he work harder on learning more about the Arabian breed and the different pedigree lines and its functionality. The knowledge obtained, together with a strong breeding desired, made Andres and his wife Lorena start CRIADERO PISABO in 2011.The name was chosen after his grandfather’s farm as a way to honor him. After all, most of the knowledge and love for horses come from the many hours they spent together.
Our first Pure Arabian foal arrived on February 25th, 2013, AB BAHIJA AL GHAFIL (SC Ghafil x AR Burbuja by Pluton)