Applegate Trail Monument

In the summer of 2009, Creswell's first monument honoring the Applegate-Scott Expedition of 1846 was finished and dedicated at its location at the entrance of the Garden Lake Park in Creswell.  This expedition marked the first attempt of Jesse Applegate and Levi Scott to find a shorter route to the fertile Willamette Valley.  The monument was the brainchild of several CAHS members who formed a Trail Committee and was completed with the help of several volunteers.
Placed where the trail passed through Creswell and within eyesight of the Creswell Butte, the monument's focal point is a flagpole on which the American flag flies as well as a flag with the words"1846 Applegate-Scott Expedition, Creswell, Oregon" on a bright red background.  The flag was designed by members of CAHS.  Behind the flagpole is an arrangement of boulders from a local quarry, native plantings and a bench with brickwork encompassing the area.  Two informational plaques can be found on the largest boulder.
The monument was made possible by a grant from the Oregon Historical Trails Fund of Oregon Community Foundation, and donations by B.J. Equipment Company & Jim Cheshire, Creswell; Nathan Marple Excavation, Creswell; Northwest Monument, Junction City; and the United States Marine Corps:  Alpha Company-6th Engineer Suport Battalion, Eugene.
The park is open daily and is free of charge.