Safe haven and a warm welcome

This year, more than 70,000 refugees will arrive on their new doorstep somewhere in the United States after fleeing war and persecution abroad. Many will arrive with little more than their documents and the clothes they are wearing.

The agencies that

resettle refugees work in advance of each arrival—often with very little notice —to gather the furniture and other items a family needs. Although a newcomer doesn’t expect a luxurious start, there are many necessities that must be in place when a refugee family enters their apartment for the first time. This is where you can help!

Your “extra” could be somebody else’s “only”

With so many new arrivals, it is almost impossible for the refugee agencies to have enough household goods on hand at all times. These agencies are always accepting donations of furniture and household goods. In fact, with one phone call, you can arrange to have your extra household items picked up and taken away. You’ll even get a tax receipt.

Look around your living space and think about which items you truly need to have a functional living space. That’s exactly what’s needed!

For information on arranging for a donation pickup, scroll to bottom of this page.

Furnitureo sofa, armchairs

o dresser

o kitchen table & chairs

o armchair

o end tables

o lamps & light bulbs!

o coffee table


o dishes

o glasses & mugs or coffee cups

o pots, pans & baking pans

o silverware

o knives & utensils & cutting boards

o strainer

o mixing bowls & serving pieces

o can opener

o dish towels, tablecloth, placemats


o towelso shower curtain & liner

o sheets & blankets

o pillows (new) & pillowcases

o alarm clocks

o hangers (plastic or padded)

o Pens, pencils, paper, tape, paper clips

o paper goods, including toilet paper!

o plastic wrap, storage containers


o dish soap or dishwasher detergento bathroom & kitchen cleansers

o sponges, cleaning towels, wipes

o laundry detergent

o trash cans & trash bags

o mop & broom

o vacuum cleaner & bags


o soap

o shampoo

o lotion

o toothbrushes and toothpaste

o Antiperspirant

o Feminine hygiene items (maxi-pads)

o diapers

Some things just make life a little easier

Consider donating the following non-essential items to a refugee family or resettlement agency if you have recently downsized your home or upgraded your own items:

o TV antenna and digital converter

o Microwave oven

o Computer with software

o Puzzles (adult and child)

o Children’s books

o CD player

o DVD player

o Radio

o Toaster or toaster oven

o First-Aid items

o Scissors, screwdriver, hammer, string

o Digital camera

o Decorative items, especially wall art (prints)

o Roach traps

o Ash trays

To arrange for a donation pickup, contact one of these local refugee resettlement agencies.

Donations are tax deductible.

African Community Center

303-722-4500 x10

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

(720) 328-6655

Lutheran Refugee Services


Cash donations are especially helpful and greatly appreciated!

Donations to the Refugee ESL Programs

To make a monetary donation to the Colorado Refugee English as a Second Language Programs, please contact The Emily Griffith Foundation at 720-423-4722.