What tutors are saying

Here is what participating volunteers have to say about the CRESL in-home tutoring program:

"Joining your group of tutors was one of the best and most meaningful things I did last year. You matched me with a family that was very well suited to my interests and theirs. Thank you for your hard work. This is a lot more important than counting widgets."

"I took some Polaroid pictures of [my student] and her children. She wrote their names and ages on the pictures and really enjoyed this activity. We started at the very beginning and are seeing some progress."

"We went to a parent/teacher conference, and the next day she sent over one of her kids with a pizza - her way of saying 'thanks'."

"We went to the Broomfield library and checked out some books on Laos. This is such a marvelous experience. I'm so grateful to be a participant in this program and so appreciate having the opportunity to do this."

"My student's family just left my house, after a nice visit. The girls helped me decorate my Christmas tree. We've become such good friends since I met them last January. I'm thankful for your program and for your introducing me to a wonderful family. I started this because I thought it would be rewarding to teach someone English who really wants to learn, and I thought it would provide a creative outlet. I never thought that I'd end up with good friends and get back about 100 times or more whatever I give. I actually feel guilty. Thanks for such a great program."

"We keep plugging away - she's so eager and motivated! I want to keep things pertinent to her life. Right now she's teaching her little boy some English which is fun to see. She can write and read English, but she doesn't know what most of it means. So, we're concentrating on understanding. Her brother stopped by one night and was shocked to learn that I was a volunteer. I enjoy being there so much, but I don't know if I could do this if it were reversed - she has more courage than I.

"She's very adventuresome! We've gone to the library several times and to the grocery store. She sounded out lots of words we saw, and she used the calculator I gave her to add up her purchases. I know she's learning, but so am I!"

"Recently I took L. and her two children to the Tattered Cover bookstore. They were amazed - and loved the children's book section. I bought a book for the children, and I think that L. will try to read it to them."

"He's always so eager - he is always ready to study when I arrive. His paper and pens are on the table, ready to go."