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"Be the change you want  to see in the society" 


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Don't Waste Vote, Use it to Change Country's Fate…

Do not waste your votes as this election is not just for a change of government but an election that would change the fate of the country itself, “This is no ordinary election... this time the fate of the country will be determined, not a mere change of government,”


“There are several contenders; only if votes are pooled on the right person there will be a change; if not, the votes could go to waste. Your vote is a precious possession which can bring change, use it responsibly,” 


Election Date in Tamilnadu: 24th April 2014, Time: Between 7 a.m and 6 p.m


“Be the change”  - You want to see in the society!

Issued in public interest by ‘c r e s k’

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