Don't Waste Vote, Use it to Change Country's Fate…

Parliament Election Date in India:  April - May 2019

“There are several contenders; only if votes are pooled on the right person there will be a change; 
if not, the votes could go to waste. 
Your vote is a precious possession which can bring change, use it responsibly,” 


“Be the change”  - You want to see in the society!

Issued in public interest by ‘c r e s k’         


                   'c r e s k' Campaign on Adopting Street Dogs - August 2010                    


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'c r e s k's President's Article on ‘Chemicals in Personal care products’ published in Consumer Voice Magazine (January 2007)  & Exclusive Interview of 'c r e s k's President S. Jayashree on "Dangers in Beauty Care Products" Published in Malligai Magal Magazine (December 2008)
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