International Conference


Knowledge Networking in ICT era

January 22 - 24, 2009

Venue: B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Engineering College, Chennai - INDIA



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Main Themes and Sub-Themes


1. ICT

Next Generation Knowledge Networks, ICT – New tools, Internet Technology and Applications, Mobile Networks & Services, Taking ICT to rural place, Future ICT technologies, Access, Security and Network Technology, etc.


2. Emerging Web Technologies

Wikis-WEB 2.0-LIB 2.0, RSS Feed, Web Blog, Podcasting, Ajax -CSS-Mashup, Interactive web applications using WEB 2.0 for information activities, etc.


3. Information Systems and Next generation Search engines

Information systems, Processing, Management and Applications, Next generation search engines, Text mining- Data Mining, etc.


4. Content Creation and Management

Standards – tools & techniques, e-Publishing, Site management, etc.


5. Technology Enhanced E-learning - Virtual Learning Environment

Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)), Components - Tools and Techniques for e-learning, Module- features – applications, Designing and Implementation of Web based Online Courses, etc.


6. Knowledge Management (KM)

KM:  initiatives – Practices – Strategies – Vision, Cultural change in an Organisaiton. Business Process Reengineering, Implementation of KM in Software and corporate offices, etc.


7. Digital Library (DL) of the future

Design- Methodology-Standards- innovations -Requirements- Implementation, Open Access Initiatives (OAI)-Protocols and Standards, Institutional Repositories / Archives, e-Resources, Semantic Web- Ontology, etc.


8. Next generation Library Interfaces

New Web tools and techniques for information services, Global resource sharing, Redefining Library services, Creating LIB 2.0 applications using WEB 2.0, Electronic Document Delivery services, etc.


9. Security Systems and Implementation

RFID- Antenna- Reader- Standards, Smart card-Biometrics, Wireless networks-Mobile applications, Implementation – problems and solutions, etc.


10. ICT/Information Literacy

Standards and Models, IL Skill and assessment, early literacy and life long learning, Outreach programmes for capacity building, etc.


11. IPR and copyrights in the networked environment

IPR and copyrights, Information ethics, ICT ethics, privacy, Security, etc.


12. Capacity Building Initiatives and Strategies

Human Resources Development and Management, ICT Skill Development for the new environment, Leadership Skill-Soft Skills, Customer Service Management, Managing Information/Knowledge centers in changing environment, etc.


Pre - Conference Tutorial

Topic: e-Learning: Creating online virtual courses using Moodle

Date: 22.1.2009  (11.00 5.00 p.m) (theory & practical sessions)