International Conference


Knowledge Networking in ICT era

January 22 - 24, 2009

Venue: B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Engineering College, Chennai - INDIA



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The revolution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) across the globe made tremendous changes in all sections of the society.  It also made a significant impact on the global knowledge economy, which reduced the gap between the information rich and poor.


Social Networking is one of the emerging Web technologies for collaborative social network services.  Second-generation Web technologies such as WEB 2.0, Wikis, Weblogs, Podcosts, RSS feeds, LIB 2.0, Social software provide opportunities for the researchers and technologists to create new community, partnerships between industries, academics and other institutions for knowledge creation and sharing.


Libraries/Information and Knowledge Management Centres exploit the new technologies for information processing, storage and retrieval, knowledge storage and dissemination, creating collaborative tools, designing user-friendly interfaces to provide customized services to the end users. These new tools facilitate for global partnership, networking of institutions for knowledge creation, preservation and sharing. Libraries and Knowledge centres are at the forefront of experimenting and implementing the new technologies for providing information to the people. Professionals need constant updating skills to manage knowledge resources in the changing environments. Information professionals need to enhance their capabilities and demonstrate their skills to manage the emerging technologies to provide information services to the end users.


The B. S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Engineering College, India in association with SALIS (Society for the Advancement of Library & Information Science) organising this International conference to bring the IT sector, Academics and LIS professionals together for collaborative networks for knowledge creation and sharing for mutual benefits.




The objectives of the conference are:  

  • To discuss, understand, develop and implement emerging ICT tools and techniques for information management, bridging the digital divide for social empowerment
  • To discuss, adapt and develop interactive applications using next generation web technologies for social networking and knowledge creation and sharing.
  • To discuss and understand, plan, initiate and implement Knowledge Management practices and strategies in different types of organization for knowledge sharing.
  • To design, develop and implement interactive user interfaces and applications using new web tools and services for collaborative information services. 
  • To promote ICT, Information Literacy, HR skills and to empower students, professionals and communities to meet the challenges in the changing environment in the ICT era.
  • To bring the technologists, academics, intermediates and the end users together to discuss and implement innovative technologies for collaborative global partnership and networking among institutions.