Pet Memorial

Creran Carvings pet memorials are hand cut from natural stone locally sourced from Craufurdland Castle Estate. Created especially for those who are looking for a way to honour their pet in a unique, rustic and traditional hand crafted way. This means we can guarantee that each plaque is unique in size and shape. We do not use reconstituted stone. Arrangement can be made for you to chose natural stone from a selection on the estate if you wish. 

These stones will especially appeal to those who wish to avoid the machine cut look of modern memorial stones imported from distant lands. A hand crafted Creran Carving will be a lasting monument to your muched loved pet wherever you chose to site your memorial.

Plaques are approx 8" x 6" or 8" x 8" but larger stones are possible. For added peace of mind all our "outdoor" stones are coated with water seal to protect the stones surfaces from the elements and provide the highest level of waterproofing protection available. If you would like a price please contact us and we can discuss what you would like us to do. We want you to feel involved in the design process and the costs will vary and depend on the size and detail of the stone you require. 

Each plaque includes: 

1) Locally sourced Scottish stone to be hand cut and hand painted.

2) An  image of your choice. (See our "Designs & Images" page for ideas). 

3) Name of pet (90 - 110pt).

4) Date of Birth/Death.

5) Addtional line of inscription if desired, (e.g. Faithful Friend).

6) A protective coating of "water seal".