What are "Creran Carvings"?

Creran Carvings are relief cut from natural stone sourced in Scotland. Each piece has been hand crafted by a Scottish artist without the use of “stone castings” or other mass production methods. No piece sold is exactly the same; having it’s own unique character meaning that you can be confident that the piece you purchase is an original Creran Carving.

A “Creran Carving” would make a great gift, or keep sake, for those with a love of the Celtic nations and their history. Most products available are suitable for wall mounting or displaying on plate stands. Others are free standing and will enhance any area inside the home or garden.

At Creran Carvings we strive to be as eco friendly as possible by reclaiming and recycling stone.  Sourced from the way side, or riverbed in areas with a clear connection with prominent figures of Scottish history.The feeling of permanency stone gives us helps to develop a sense of connection with the past and our environment. 

Inspired by ancient tribal art (especially Celtic, Norse (Viking), Anglo Saxon and Pictish ). Some of the designs are representations of artwork work more than a thousand years old, which can still be seen in Scotland today. We also produce fantasy and mythical art along with original carvings inspired by the works of ancient craftsmen long since gone.