Page Turner-Free lance trainer and instructor
About Page Turner

Page Turner was born and raised in Albemarle County, Virginia.  She learned to ride from the local horse matriarchs, Elliewood Keith and Connie Dempsey.  She fine tuned her show riding skills with Gary Kunsman. Later in life, Frank Kimball and his stallion, Laredo, taught her how to event. Elizabeth Lewis and Barbara Silverman showed her the beauty of dressage.  Her concepts of natural horsemanship are strongly influenced by Louis Wood & Buck Branaman.

 Page has fox hunted since the age of 9 , shown in the hunters, jumpers and dressage, competed up to Training in horse trials, played polo, driven horses and ponies, raced, ridden on a mounted police unit as a Community Service Officer, trail ridden in the mountains, and successfully owned a boarding/lesson/training facility. 

Page started riding in 1965;  training professionally in 1975 and teaching riding in 1986. 

She is a professional riding instructor teaching all phases of riding from learning-to-ride to riding in competitions. She also trains horses and ponies using progressive , non-agressive metho
ds to communicate with the horse in a way that the horse understands. 
Through her Five Basic Skills Clinics, horses and their riders develop a new awareness of each other and begin the process of building positive relationships. 


  • Dressage: Intro through First Level
  • Jumping: Show jumping & cross country
  • Practical Natural Horsemanship
  • Foxhunting skills
  • Learn to ride for children and adults
Lessons are either private or semi- private. The lesson horses are well schooled performance horses ranging from 10-23 years old.  She can also teach you on your horse.

    There are Five Basic Skills every horse needs to have in order to most effectively perform his job as your horse.  Regardless of the discipline chosen, every horse needs to:
  • STAND quietly regardless of the situation
  • Move FORWARD  calmly and quietly at the pace you ask
  • Move BACKWARD one foot at a time, as quickly or  slowly as needed
  • Turn LEFT and RIGHT with suppleness and ease. 
These FIVE BASIC SKILLS, once mastered, bloom into much more advanced skills, such as lateral workcoming through from behind, jumping off the hocks, neck-reining, side-passes, turns on the forehand and hindquarters, roll-backs, etc.

Without the above mentioned FIVE BASIC SKILLS,  horses can only partially reach their full potential.