“Blessed are they who hear the word of God, and keep it.”    Luke 11:28

SSPX Multimedia Resources


Fr. D Couture's Videos

  1. The Role of young people in the church and in the world today                                                  **New**
  2. Archbishop Lefebvre, Montreal Conference 1982 (Infiltration of Modernism in The Church)    **New**
  3. Obedience
  4. SSPX Licit ? (1-5)                    
  5. The Holy Shroud of Turin (1-2)  
  6. Spiritual Life
Fr. D Cooper's (RIP) Videos
  1. Commentary on the parts of the Traditional Latin mass by Fr Daniel Cooper (RIP), 16 lessons         
Other Videos
  1. Forming Future Priests           
  2. Communist Persecution in China               **New**
Marian Conferences 
       Fr.  D Couture's conferences
  1. The Annunciation                                      
  2. The Visitation                                            
  3. The Nativity                                              
  4. Our Lady - Our Queen           
Conferences on Sacred Scripture
       Fr. Couture's conferences
  1. Talk on the Apocalypse (CFN Conference2015) - (1-3)
  2. The Church and the Bible
  3. Interpretation of Scripture
  4. Our Lord Jesus Christ the  Divine Legate
  5. Sacred Scripture & the Mass Part 1 
  6. Sacred Scripture & the Mass Part 2           
  7. Sacred Scripture and our Spiritual Life 
      Fr.  Pagliarani's conferences
  1. Moses and the Alamites          


    Archbishop Lefebvre      

    1. Archbishop Lefebvre, September 23, 1979 Jubilee Sermon   

    1. Feast  of the Immaculate Conception   **New**
    2. Sermons for December                  **New**
    3. Sermons for Sundays After Pentecost
    1. Catechism with Fr McMahon           **New**      
    2. Fr Couture - Virtue of Faith              **New**
    3. Catechism of the Mass                    **New**

    Education Conferences
         Fr Couture's conferences       
    1. Acquisition of Maturity                             
           Fr. De la Tour conference
    1. Wonder
    Other Conferences
         Fr Couture's conferences
    1. Our Lady of Fatima's Message     **New**
    2. Luther and the New Mass
    3. Problems in the Church                
    4. Preparation for Confession
    5. Our Lady of Fatima             
    6. Questions & Answers   
    7. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart 
    8. Rose Hu Tokyo Interview  
    9. Mental Prayer                  
    10. Fatima Conference at 2005 Pilgrimage Pt 1
    11. Fatima Conference at 2005 Pilgrimage Pt 2 
    12. Spiritual Life - Vocation