“Blessed are they who hear the word of God, and keep it.”    Luke 11:28

SSPX Multimedia Resources


Fr. D Couture's Videos

  1. Obedience
  2. SSPX Licit ? (1-5)                    
  3. The Holy Shroud of Turin (1-2)  **New**
  4. Spiritual Life
Fr. D Cooper's (RIP) Videos
  1. Commentary on the parts of the Traditional Latin mass by Fr Daniel Cooper (RIP), 16 lessons         **New** 
Other Videos
  1. October Rosary Procession in St Mary's, KS, October 2015 
  2. A parallel between the Mass and the Passion 

Marian Conferences 
       Fr.  D Couture's conferences
  1. Our Lady -  Mother of God     
  2. Our Lady - Immaculate Conception   
  3. Our Lady - Mother of Grace
  4. The Annunciation                                      
  5. The Visitation                                            
  6. Our Lady's Perpetual Virginity
  7. The Nativity                                              
  8. Our Lady - Mother of the Saviour
  9. Our Lady - Mother of the Redeemer
  10. Our Lady - Our Mother   
  11. Our Lady Mediatrix        
  12. Our Lady - Our Queen           
  13. Our Lady -  Mother of Mercy        
     Fr Couture's conferences       
  1. The three Operations of the Soul
  2. Logic
  3. Training the Will 
  4. Acquisition of Maturity                             
  5. For Catechism Teachers    
         Fr. De la Tour conference

Other Conferences
     Fr Couture's conferences
Catechism       **New**
            Fr Peter Scott's Catechism Course