“Blessed are they who hear the word of God, and keep it.”    Luke 11:28

SSPX Multimedia Resources


Fr. D Couture's Videos

  1. Conference series on the Holy Mass          **New**
  2. Great Figures in Early Canadian History    **New**  
  3. The Role of young people in the church and in the world today                      
  4. Archbishop Lefebvre, Montreal Conference 1982 (Infiltration of Modernism in The Church**New**  
  5. Obedience
  6. SSPX Licit ? (1-5)                    
  7. The Holy Shroud of Turin (1-2)  
  8. Spiritual Life
Fr. D Cooper's (RIP) Videos
  1. Commentary on the parts of the Traditional Latin mass by Fr Daniel Cooper (RIP), 16 lessons         
Other Videos
  1. Forming Future Priests           
  2. Communist Persecution in China               
Marian Conferences 
       Fr.  D Couture's conferences
  1. The Annunciation                                      
  2. The Visitation                                            
  3. The Nativity                                              
  4. Our Lady - Our Queen           
Conferences on Sacred Scripture
       Fr. Couture's conferences
  1. Talk on the Apocalypse (CFN Conference2015) - (1-3)
  2. The Church and the Bible
  3. Interpretation of Scripture
  4. Our Lord Jesus Christ the  Divine Legate
  5. Sacred Scripture & the Mass Part 1 
  6. Sacred Scripture & the Mass Part 2           
  7. Sacred Scripture and our Spiritual Life 
      Fr.  Pagliarani's conferences
  1. Moses and the Alamites          


    Archbishop Lefebvre      

    1. Archbishop Lefebvre, September 23, 1979 Jubilee Sermon   

    1. Sermons for Sundays after Epiphany   **New**
    2. Sermons for Sundays After Pentecost
    1. Catechism with Fr McMahon   **New**      
    2. Catechism of the Mass                    

    Education Conferences
         Fr Couture's conferences       
    1. Acquisition of Maturity                             
           Fr. De la Tour conference
    1. Wonder
    Other Conferences
         Fr Couture's conferences
    1. Our Lady of Fatima's Message    
    2. Luther and the New Mass
    3. Problems in the Church                
    4. Preparation for Confession
    5. Our Lady of Fatima             
    6. Questions & Answers   
    7. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart 
    8. Rose Hu Tokyo Interview  
    9. Mental Prayer                  
    10. Fatima Conference at 2005 Pilgrimage Pt 1
    11. Fatima Conference at 2005 Pilgrimage Pt 2 
    12. Spiritual Life - Vocation