The Credit Munch was formed in 2009 as a way for its founder Wayne to fuel his passion for food.

After the recession hit the UK in "what seems like forever", the shift in the way we eat and cook was termed as The Credit Munch, the term was also cited as being a trend of bringing home prepared lunches to work.  The Daily Mail stated that stressed out Britons were comfort eating their way through the recession and referenced a research study by TheChemist.co.uk which found a direct correlation between cash strapped Brits and expanding  British waistlines.   This could possibly be so, if people choose to shop for convenience ie: "Good job mums gone to..." the shop that sells everything tasteless for nearly a £1.    


I hope to help the cash strapped Brits understand that they can feed a family on a budget and eat well too and guess what it will taste great too.   It is about being a SAVVY shopper, planning ahead and knowing your key staple ingredients.  


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35 year old electrician/kitchen manager for a well known pub chain with a passion for food. I believe everyone should be able to cook good meals at home with out spending loads of money. Cooking should be fun, together we can create great food at low costs. Would love your comments.