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Part I. Introduction

1. In Search of the Blueprint for an Evidence-Based Global Society

Stewart I. Donaldson

2. Social Inquiry Paradigms as a Frame for the Debate on Credible Evidence

Christina A. Christie and Dreolin Fleischer

Part II. Experimental Approaches as the Route to Credible Evidence

3. When Getting It Right Matters: The Case for High-Quality Policy and Program Impact Evaluations

Gary T. Henry

4. Randomized Control Trials: A Gold Standard With Feet of Clay?

Leonard Bickman and Stephanie M. Reich

5. What Is Credible Evidence in Education? The Role of the What Works Clearinghouse in Informing the Process

Russell Gersten and John Hitchcock

6. Evaluation Methods for Producing Actionable Evidence: Contextual Influences on Adequacy and Appropriateness of Method Choice

George Julnes and Debra Rog

Part III. Nonexperimental Approaches for Building Credible Evidence

7. Demythologizing Causation and Evidence

Michael Scriven

8. Evidence as “Proof” and Evidence as “Inkling”

Jennifer C. Greene

9. Reasoning With Rigor and Probity: Ethical Premises for Credible Evidence

Sharon F. Rallis

10. Seeing Is Believing: The Credibility of Image-Based Research and Evaluation

Sandra Mathison

11. Toward a Practical Theory of Evidence for Evaluation

Thomas A. Schwandt

Part IV. Conclusions

12. Credible Evidence: Changing the Terms of the Debate

Melvin M. Mark

Epilogue: A Practitioner’s Guide for Gathering Credible Evidence in the Evidenced-Based Global Society

Stewart I. Donaldson

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