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CREATIVOLOGY CORP. Is a corporation consists of two dreamers who exploit their brains to maintain their existence in the virtual world, since they are not really exist in the real world. This imaginary companionship was established when the members are in a desperate need of money to pay their debts. The creation of this project proves the proverb that said “once you trapped in a hopeless or under pressure situation, it is the human survival instinct that helps you to find the unthinkable solution”.

 The contents of this page will help you to achieve your own goal by the most activity that human being are lazy to do: learning.

So Keep on Learning!

Umbrella: Hi guys, here a little bit information from my background, hotel and tourism management

banquet business review 

Food and Beverage review 

Organizational Behavior in the Hospitality 

Monon: Oks, now my turn, guys wanna know more about public relations, let's start with .. hmmm... Introduction of public relations:

Public Relations Review 

10 Tips for Prospective PR Professionals 

How PR Can Help Your Business

 Oks. hopefully this tiny information could help you for a while, because we'lll back again.. c uuu..