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Visit our interactive gallery of demos using Google technologies in creative and exciting ways.

For online marketers, Google is more than an advertising platform. Marketers can also use Google to attract visitors to their content and engage them in ways that are unique and compelling. Google is well-known for it's host of products such as Google Maps, YouTube, iGoogle, and much, much more. These technology behind these products can also be brought to your content, mashed up with your information, and branded with your identity, to create a compelling, innovative, and entertaining experience for your visitors.

Now that you have seen the possibilities, let's take a look at how to get started with these technologies.

Build maps-based mashups, games, and galleries with the Google Maps API

Provide a 3D interactive experience with the Google Earth API

Engage your audience with interactive video content on YouTube

Create applications for social networks using OpenSocial
  Distribute your interactive content with iGoogle Gadgets and Gadget Ads
   Socialise your content with Google Friend Connect

Check out amazing examples of Google technologies in creatives: