If we want to foster for creativity in schools then it’s essential that we take into consideration the creative thought process and what it may look like in our students. It’s equally important for the students to know and to be able to articulate what their creative thinking is. Visual thinking, the ability to create images in the mind, is a significant aspect of creative thinking. Metacognition is a vital component of the creative cognition and when linked with the concept of the mind’s eye forms a powerful tool that students need to be able to call upon to assist with their divergent thinking, which in turn will help with them construct new meanings and which will hopefully lead to novel ideas. The practical lesson ideas that I have outlined in the second half of this essay are just a few that I believe will guide students’ capacity to think visually and metacognitively. They are ultimately geared towards the student being able to recognise, appreciate and take charge of their mind’s eye so that they can deliberately deploy it as part of their thinking process.

Art work by Gabriel (grade 6 student).