Purple Martin Products

Have you heard the news?  The Troyer's Birds' Paradise has purchased Creative Universe Enterprises.

The Troyer's have been developing products for 25 plus years.  They have sold well and have helped many native birds nest in peace.  

Our family moved to Conneautville, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 1990.   As I was erecting the T-14 prototype, a neighbor stopped in.  He told me that my effort will be in vain,  "There are no Purple Martins in Conneautville".  "It was tried too often".  Sometimes it pays to listen.  Sometimes it doesn't.  I didn't listen and kept on putting it up.  The first season we had three pair.  It got us on the way.  Today, including ours, in a two mile radius from us, there are eight colonies, with approximately 275 active nests!

In 2001, we asked Bob and Diane Oberlander, (Creative Universe Enterprises), to design us a square pole aluminum gourd rack  They did a wonderful job.  That very first rack is still in use at our study-site.  It was the first square aluminum gourd rack in the nation.  Later they designed a complete line of elite square pole gourd racks, and much more.

In 2014, Bob and Diane decided to retire.  They came to us, (Troyer's Birds' Paradise), with an offer for their whole business.  We, as plastic gourd manufacturer, couldn't afford not to buy them out.  So we did.  In-fact, we felt much honored for such an opportunity.  Matthew and Neva Erb, (our son-in-law), came on board and are now manufacturing the Creative Universe products.  Let's all give a hand to Bob and Diane for designing such terrific products, and for giving the Birds' Paradise the opportunity to keep these elite racks alive.  May you, Bob and Diane, have a blessed retirement.

Our wish to you is that you may experience with us the accomplishment of fledging baby Purple Martins, Bluebirds, and Tree Swallows in your own front yard.

Please take a few moments to browse through our 2016 catalog. (If a catalog is needed, please call 800-872-0103 and one will be mailed to you free of charge).  Should you be interested in any of these unique products, just fill out the handy order form or give us a call and we will get your order off to you.  It’s our pleasure to help you, so in return you can help our native birds survive in today’s threatening environment.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal!  Please feel free to call or write us, with any questions,  complaints or comments.

The Troyer's have the best selection of products but they do not offer on-line purchases.

For the fastest service call for a catalog: 800-872-0103 or 814-587-3879

You can fax your name and address to: 814-587-6056

OR mail them a catalog request to:

Troyer's Birds' Paradise
20785 Morris Rd
Conneautville, PA 16406

Be sure to include your name and mailing address.  Catalogs can also be provided for groups at no charge.

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