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Supplies Needed

*An Image Of Choice I choose Steve Baier You Can Find His Work At UYA 

*A Scrapkit Of Choice I Chose A PTU Kit Called Princess Grunged

 You Can Find This Scrapkit Fromm Kate Of Irish Princess Designs

*A mask of Choice

*A Font Of Choice .

Lets Begin

Open a new image 600 X 600.

Open your mask of choice in psp, Open up a paper of choice,minimise,

Over in you colour palette find your paper in the pattern and select it.

Over on you tool palette select your air brush and use these setting


with your airbrush selected drag your airbrush across your image until 

canvas is filled,layer New mask layer from image,source luminance checked

Apply your mask,merge group.

Copy And Paste glitter matt as a new layer,resize if needed.

Place in the center Of your mask.Change the blend mode to hard light.

Copy and paste a doodle of choice resize as needed and place to the right of the

 image Copy and paste a few elements of choice and arrange around your tag, i used 

the net ,resized and placed to the right of the image,i used lollipop resised place to right,

i used start resized and placed to the left of the image,i used a flower resized and placed to the

 left see my tag for reference if you are using the same elements. Copy and paste your image as

 a new layer resize as needed place in center. Copy and paste the film strip as a new layer Resize 

as needed.i rotated mine left 5 with your magic wand select inside the squares,

selections expand by 3 copy and paste a paper of choice and drag this below your frame

 layer selections invert delete.While still selected copy and paste your image as a new layer,

place to your liking Select none. change the blend mode to luminance (L).Grab your magic wand

 and follow process but mirror your image.see mine for placement.Copy and paste sparkles and 

place to your liking . Copy and paste the ribbon and add to the bottom of the film strip.

Rotate as needed. Copy and paste the key and place to the right of your image with your 

eraser tool erase part of the chain so it appears its hanging on the strip.

Crop resize ,Add Your copyright,

Add Your Name Save As PNG