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Fallen Angel

My Tutorials Are Created For You To maybe Learn A New Technique Or Playing With Filters,
When I Mention I used A Mask Or Font Etc. I Would Like To See people Use There Imagination
Rather Than use Something I Have Given Them.Remember Psp Leads You Into The Imagination.

Supplies Needed For This Tutorial
A Copy Of Paintshop pro i used version X2 but you can use any version
A Copy Of Animation Shop
An image of choice i have chosen Anna Marine.If you wish to use the same image you can purchase from CDO
The Gorgeous Scrapkit By Jessica Called Fallen Angel You Can Purchase From Gothic Inspirations
I Used 3 Masks From Chelle You Can choose Some Great Masks from Weescotslass Creations
Plugins Used-Eye Candy For The Name
A Font Of Choice.

Lets Begin
Open a new image 650 X 650. Open Your 3 Masks In psp And Minimise.
Copy And Paste A Frame Of Choice as a new layer,I chose frame1,resize as needed.
Copy and paste a paper of choice,Selections,layers,New mask layer from image
select your first mask,source luminance checked,Apply your mask, Merge Group,
Repeat this for your other 2 masks,arrange to liking.

copy and paste the heart as a new layer,resize move to the right,using the raster deform tool
rotate slightly to the right,copy and paste the flowers as a new layer move over the heart
i erased part of the flowers and stems.see my tag for placement.

Copy and paste the lamp as a new layer,resize as needed,place to the right of the image
copy and paste the cat as a new layer resize and change the blend mode to soft light.

copy And paste you main tube or image as a new layer resize and place over your
flowers on the right of your image see mine for placement.

Copy and paste the cluster hearts as a new layer,resize and place at the bottom
of your image,see mine for placement.
Copy and paste the flowers as a new layer resize as needed and place over the bottom of your lamp.

copy and paste the beams as a new layer.Right click on the layer in your layer pallete
rename beam1,duplicate,right click,rename beam2,duplicate,right click rename beam3
Select layer beam1 change the opacity to 25,select layer beam2 change the opacity to 50,
select the layer beam 3,change the opacity to 75, close of beam1,beam2,beam3 For now.
you can do this on the layer by clicking the little eye,this closes the layer.
select the top layer.

copy And Paste A Wordart Of Choice And Resize Place To The Bottom Of your Image.
Add Your watermark,Crop Resize, Add your Name With a Font Of Choice Apply Gradient Glow.

ok Time to animate , ill Explain this As Best As Possible.

open animation Shop,
In Psp Close Of beam Layer 1, layer 2 and beam layer 3,and your name layer.
 Edit copy Merged,in Animation Shop Edit paste As A New Image,
Back In psp Open Layer beam 1 Edit copy Merged In Animation Shop
Paste After current Frame, Back in Psp Close Beam layer 1 And Open
layer Beam 2 Edit Copy Merged in Animation Shop Paste After Current Frame,
In psp close Layer beam2,Open layer beam 3 Edit Copy Merged paste
After current frame in animation Shop,open Your name Layer in psp
copy and paste as a new image in animation shop.

on your name layer in animation shop edit duplicate selected you need to do this
3 times so we have 4 duplicates which is the same as the tag image.
sometimes when you click duplicate it will go from 3 to 5 layers
just click on the last layer and hit delete

Ok on you name layer in animation shop Edit Select All (Cntrl A)
Edit Copy (cntrl C) ok On Your Name Layer Edit Select All(cntrlA)
Edit Paste Into Slected Frame(cntrl E) when you hit your image
place where you will like the name. If you make A Mistake hit undo And do again

Save As Gif

thanks For Trying My tutorial