Aloo Mutter


Aloo Mutter From Indian Cuisine

This time I will explain the procedure to make Aloo Mutter. This recipe is a native of South Indian Cuisine  and can serve as the best side dish for

1) Tortilla

2) Chappathi

3) Poori

4) Simply with Rice

5) Parotta / Paratha

Ok, Let us get started with the ingredients. Keep them ready before you turn the stove on!



1) Potato Chopped to Medium Size - 6

2) Green Peas - 150 gms

3) Medium sized Chopped Onions - 4

4) Garlic (if required) - 1 - Finely chopped

5) Jeera

6) Coconut

7) Chilli - 2

8) Mustard Seeds

9) Sunflower Oil

10) Salt (to taste)

11) Tamarind paste & Ginger (if required)


So here we go..20 Minutes and super Aloo Mutter will be ready..

Minute 1:  Heat Mustard, Jeera with Oil in a frying pan..

Minute 2 - 4:  Add chopped Onion and fry till it becomes golden brown

Minute 5 - 7:  Add Garlic, potato, peas and continue frying.

Minute 8 - 10: Add tamarind water and allow the mixture to boil.

Minute 11 - 13: Grind Cocunut, Chilli and Ginger into a fine paste.

Minute 14 - 19: Add salt to the taste and include the grinded paste to the boiling Aloo mixture and continue boiling.

Minute 20: Tasty Aloo Mutter is ready to serve!


There are a lot of variations for Aloo Mutter. Keep watching this space for more..