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Custom made embroidery and cross stitch services

Choose from hundreds of stock designs or send me your very own design for custom made embroidery.

My service is useful for:
                    • Schools - badges and mascot emblems
                    • Retailers who want to add a special touch to their goods
                    • Company logos
                    • Personalization
                    • Quilters - embroidered blocks add a beautiful touch to quilts
                    • Bedding - pillow cases, shams, blankets, bed sheets etc.
                    • Kitchen fabrics - place mats, oven mitts, etc.
                    • Designs can be sewn directly on items or made into patches
                    • Embroidered patches can be sewn onto: uniforms, shirts, caps, bags, etc.

I also supply apparel and accessories like shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, bags, caps, restaurant apparel and many more. Click on the apparel website link below to view full catalogue:

Custom made crochet, knit, tat and sewing services also available!

Send me your very own crochet, knit or tat design and instructions. You will
be assured of a beautifully finished piece of work.

For more details, please contact Josephine at