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Vocabulary Comics

Why not change things up with vocabulary this week?  

The Plan:  Help your students remember their vocabulary words better than ever.  Instead of writing out sentences using their vocabulary words have your students use their vocabulary words in a short comic.

Give each student a sheet of paper with comics panels already printed on them (provided below.)  The pre-made panels save a lot of time and keep things neat and legible.

You can assign your students to use just one or all of their vocabulary words in their short stories.  The key here is to have the kids actually use the words appropriately.  It takes longer to do this assignment than just writing out sentences but most students really enjoy doing this assignment.  And a happy kid is a better learner.

Purpose:  Vocabulary comics are great for visual and kinetic learners.  And many students will remember the vocabulary better because the comics they made act as a pneumonic device helping to cement the definitions in their memory.

Tips:  It might help to have the kids do a little brainstorming before they jump right into drawing and writing their comics.

For kids unfamiliar with comics it might help to show some examples of finished vocabulary comics.  Here are some examples of finished vocabulary comics.  These were done by 5th graders.

Use these pre-made panel pages to save time.  Just drag and drop to your desktop.  Then print away.

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