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Making Language Arts Fun (with Rick Walton)

Let’s face it, English is a complicated language.  There are a million rules and for every rule there is an exception.  So teaching Language Arts can be tough sometimes.  It is easy for kids to mix up all the different concepts that they have to learn.  

What’s the solution?  Make it fun.

The Plan:  One great way of making Language Arts concepts more fun is by going outside the normal way of teaching them.  

Many have used the fantastic Schoolhouse Rock videos to teach the different parts of speech.  I honestly think that I never would have learned what an adverb is without “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here” getting stuck in my head so long ago.  Schoolhouse Rock is great for teaching.  But there is so much more out there to help.

Rick Walton, an author friend of mine has written a whole bunch of picture books that teach Language Arts concepts.  If there is a Language Arts concept then Rick has probably written a book for it.

For Example:

Once There was a Bull... Frog

(compound words)

That’s My Dog


The Bear Came Over to My House

(irregular verbs)

Cars at Play


Herd of Cows!  Flock of Sheep!

(collective nouns)

Pig Pigger Piggest


Suddenly Alligator


Just Me and 6,000 Rats


And Rick has a bunch more books, all with suggested curriculum.

Purpose:  Many kids will understand Language Arts concepts better when they see them in stories and not just diagramed sentences.  Many of these stories have clear, repeating patterns that help with retention and recall.  Plus, these books are the opposite of boring.

Tips:  Rick has already outlined a whole bunch of curriculum suggestions on his website.  So go check them out.  Rick definitely knows how to make it fun.

Rick’s Website is http://www.rickwalton.com/

Find curriculum suggestions for his books at http://rickwalton.com/curricul/curricul.htm