Mrs.Kutz-Ermer's Art Room       

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."-
 Thomas Merton

I  believe that children are natural artists, and it is  my  job to foster their unique abilities,creativy and confidence as they grow. It is my objective as an educator, for students to take  their art skills, lessons beyond the classroom walls. For students to make connections with other subjects, to see beauty in nature and observe art in their daily routines. I teach children to examine the  world like an artist. Which means comparing shapes and sizes, noticing detail and perspective, observing line quality, value, texture and color in the world around them. Problem solving and creative learning encourage students to connect visual knowledge to other subjects and respond with innovation, understanding, flexibilty and imagination. Here at St. Helena-Incarnation the integration between subjects provides students with a rich, varied, all encompassing art education.