Ms. Juanita & Ms. Dianna

Welcome Purple Class!


Art Projects this Month




9:00 Welcome Tigers!
9:10 Free Play
9:30 Snack
9:45 The Great Outdoors and/or Art Time
10:15 Diapering, Story Time, Music
10:50 Gym/Playground
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Nap
1:30 Diapering
2:00 Goodbye Tigers
Free Play: Includes block stacking, shape sorting, telephone play, ball catching, social interaction, and encouraging children to try new activities.
The Great Outdoors: Includes visual and audio stimulation, picnics, nature walks, a great time for Discovery!
Art Time: Includes age appropriate art activities, development of fine motor skills.
Story Time/Music: Includes short story telling with visual aides, singing and dancing, listening to music.
Gym/Playground: Includes encouraging children to develop gross motor skills, riding trikes, scoot toys, jumping, running, swinging, sliding, etc.