EDET 746 | Technology Staff Development Group Project

This wiki presents the development process of a Technology Staff Development Group Project completed as a requirement of EDET 746, Management of Technology Resources, within the University of South Carolina Educational Technology M.Ed. Program. Links to each stage of the process are in the navigation panel on the left of this and each page.

Our charge is to create a staff development program for an institution using a sample of real people. The content will be delivered, at least in part, using web-based tools such as Web pages, wikis or other medium. Our group will be
responsible, at designated intervals, to submit reports related to the application of a selected variation of the ADDIE model to the development of a Technology Staff Development program of our own design.

At its completion, we will have developed a program that will be implemented on a limited basis matched to the timeframe of a semester, but will be suitable for repeated implementation in future uses and settings.