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That's Clem and me on our third wedding anniversary in Barbados in 2006. It was also the year things gradually began to change.  I was informed in 2005 by my friend, the late Rev. Raphael Francisco Azarius di Angelo, a transchanneler and spiritist, that Clem would become very dependent on me.  I acknowledged the comment and thought it would not take place until, perhaps, twenty years later, when we were in the golden years of our lives.  Spirit doesn't necessarily reach that far into the future. Spirit tells you what you need to know.

These are our hands in probate court when I was obtaining guardianship.  Clem was not in the space to manage his affairs.  He literally is pursuing a more important activity in this life.

Clem knew he was going through a change.  He shared this information long after I heard him repeat events of his life for hours.  Sometimes I found it annoying while we were watching television.  I regret not recording his voice reciting what he used to do; how he lived, his school years, so he could hear all of it in his own voice today. 

We were made aware of the deep spiritual change he was to undergo.  It involved completely releasing, stripping even, all of the structure he created in his life.  He also knew he would talk less.  He asked me to become more telepathic. 

"Divine Goddess Within" by Allison L. Williams Hill

There is Hope
by Allison L. Williams Hill

Anna’s husband moved in and out of reality and his dreams.

Anna was exasperated.  He kept asking about the dogs they did not have.  Does he think I’m lying to him? she thought.

They had been together for over seventeen years, but the last five years of their relationship had changed.  Their dance was different.  His responsibilities were inferred due to gender.  He felt Anna was different.  She learned to use a post digger when she moved with him to the islands.  “Wow, that’s some worker you got there at the beach.  He had a good working rhythm,” said an acquaintance.  Her husband replied with a smile, “That’s my wife.”  Read more...

Resource: How to Reverse Dementia and Alzheimer's by Mark Hyman, MD

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Caring for another, be it a child; a sibling; an aging parent, a spouse, or other, externalizes one's own care.  Visualize what you do and split yourself into two except the other you is incapable of doing for itself.  Giving care becomes the other focus replacing a job done for compensation. 

Sometimes I wonder where the time went.  The day is almost over.  When I think about what I did for myself, I cannot account for all of the time.  But refreshing his body, fixing meals necessary for maintaining his level of health, ensuring that he eats, cleaning his teeth, checking his body- oh, yeah, I can see where it all went.  The time was not wasted.  It was used well.  And my beloved is healthy and can still convey how he feels if only by squeezing my hand.

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