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Sample Questions to Ask Panelists


  1. What credentials, educational degrees, licenses, etc., are required for entry into this kind of work?
  2. What educational preparation do you feel would be best?
  3. What kinds of prior experience are necessary?
  4. How did you prepare yourself for this work?
  5. What is your typical day like?
  6. What kind of work schedule does this career demand? Fixed eight hour day? Variable-schedule? Evenings? Weekends?
  7. What skills are most important for this career? i.e. highly definable ones such as computer programming or public speaking, or less definable skills such as good organizational ability, attention to details, strong persuasive skills....
  8. What are the means of compensation? Merit? Seniority? What is the average entry level salary? Salary progression?
  9. What aspects of the job are most appealing? Least appealing?
  10. What future do you see for the job market in this career?
  11. What other kinds of jobs could you do using the skills you have developed on this job?
  12. What other careers are similar to yours?
  13. Are there spin-offs or developing areas I should know about?
  14. What are the advantages and disadvantages within different types of agencies, i.e. private, state and federally funded?
  15. How well suited is my background to date for this type of work?
  16. What kinds of experiences, paid employment or otherwise, would you most strongly recommend? What about internships or volunteer work?
  17. Are there magazines or journals in the field which I could begin reading now? Are there any books that you suggest?
  18. Is there a local professional group that meets regularly? Do they offer student memberships? Whom should I contact?
  19. Is there anyone else that you suggest I speak with?