Parking - Panelist and Keynote

Instructions for Creative Careers Professional Guests ONLY

  1. Pull up to the Parking Garage entrance closest to the University Center. Please note, there will probably be a sign saying that the garage is full, ignore this sign, a space has been reserved for you. 
  2. Enter this access code into the Keypad instead of taking a ticket:  12480.  
  3. Enter the garage and park in any open space, except spaces reserved with a sign (e.g. Parking Services Only, Off-campus Employees, Handicap).
  4. If you forget your code, or it is not working, take a ticket.  When you check in at the hospitality room (Connon Room, first floor of the University Center), let us know and we will give you the accesscode.
  5. Upon leaving, you can go directly to your vehicle without stopping at the pay station. Just enter the access code as you leave the garage.   Just input the code at the exit gate key pad and hit enter.  There will be no need to use a ticket if  you got one when you came into the garage.

     Please be advised that with this access code, you do not have in/out privileges in the garages, and that it is only good for one day.

     If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call  412-268-2064.



     Elaine Stolick

    Career Consultant, College of Fine Arts

    Carnegie Mellon University