About Us

Creative Barossa is the public face of the Barossa Arts Council Inc.


Creative Barossa's overarching objective is to develop, foster, maintain and provide facilities for all types of artistic expression and the study and appreciation of artistic expression in all its forms.

  • Promote Arts Culture and the holistic benefits of arts to the community.
  • Seek and build links between artists and the general community.
  • Foster and seek funding for innovative, creative projects.
  • Coordinate projects which support business skills development of developing artists.
  • Coordinate projects which advance community participation in arts activities.
  • Address arts resource and activity gaps.
  • Support National Mosaic Symposium
  • Develop a Barossa Arts Council Website to enhance dissemination of arts information
  • Enhance Barossa Arts Council Member News by developing a newsletter format.
  • Coordinate arts workshops at the Barossa Regional Gallery.
  • Support arts workshops in the Barossa Region.
  • Coordinate music workshops for aspiring artists to interact with music mentors and perform in front of a live audience utilising the name Yambala.
  • Coordinate the Barossa Film Club
  • Develop a collection of Equipment to be made available to artists.  I.e. video camera, data projector, graphic arts software programs etc.
  • Offer an arts program for Barossa Vintage Festival in April.
  • Support the development of an 'Arts in Health' network.
  • Coordinate the Barossa region SALA program.

Newsletters and Upcoming Arts Events

Creative Barossa publishes a twice yearly newsletter in April and July.  Monthly emails are sent to members, listing upcoming events and related arts news.  Current newsletters can be found by following this link.

Committee Meeting Dates

The Barossa Arts Council Committee meets approximately once every second month between February and November, usually on the third Tuesday of the month in the Barossa Regional Gallery.

The Barossa Arts Council Committee meeting dates are subject to change.  Should you wish to make a submission to the Committee please email our Secretary at secretary@creativebarossa.com.au .

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