Photo Usage Policy

Policy Statement - Posting or publishing photos at events or of artwork at Barossa Arts Council Events.

1.     Photos that clearly identify people are considered to be ‘personal information’. Ideally consent is gained verbally from the artist or person aged 18 or over for the photo of themselves or their artwork to be used solely by the Barossa Arts Council.

2.   Photos of Minors (under 18): Verbal parental approval required, preferably with witness from a second Barossa Arts Council Committee member. 

3.     There shall be no direct financial gain from any photo record of person or artwork.

4.     At Barossa Arts Council events a poster shall be clearly positioned stating that photos of this event may be taken for inclusion in Barossa Arts Council Facebook or Website addresses, and that photos may be used for advertising of this and future Barossa Arts Council events. Attendance implies agreement for Barossa Arts Council to use, reproduce and disclose photographs of this event.

5.     When publishing a full-frame photograph of an artist’s piece of work expressed consent must be gained to avoid copyright infringement. If the photo shows part of an art piece there is no copyright issue.

6.     Barossa Arts Council Facebook and Website is to be used only for legitimate and lawful exchange of Arts information and will not wilfully or knowingly contravene general laws of privacy and consent for anyone. We encourage any visitor to our sites that believes an item contained therein is offensive or illegal to contact us immediately so that we may remove offensive items.

7.     Barossa Arts Council determines that we will never pass on personal Facebook, email or postal addresses to any third party without your prior consent.


Approved by Committee 15.3.11