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It is quite an interesting art of mouding. Itis similar to porcelain clay. You can make dolls, flowers, fruits , etc out of this clay .To make this you need
Corn flour 1cup
Fevicol     1 cup
Glycerine  1 tbsp
Lemon       1
Zinc oxide  1tbsp
Acrylic colours
Old frying pan , plate and spatula.
Now for making of the Lamasa dough:
1. Put the cornflour, fevicol, Zn oxide, glycerine and juice of lemon in a bowl and mix throughly with a spatula
2. Take the pan and coat the base with little oil. Empty out the mixture from the bowl into the pan. start heating the mixture over medium heat. Keep on stirring for about 10-15 mins
3.Take a dry plate, spread the vaseline on the base of it and also on your hands. Immediately, knead the dough to smoothen it while warm.
 4. Take some amount of the dough and strech it and  put the required acrylic colourson it. Mix the colour into the dough by continuously kneading it, till the full dough absorbs the colour.
Keep different coloured lamasa in different ziplock bags . It will then last for many days.
Tip : For darker shade use more paint to the dough;less paint for a lighter shade.
Using this dough and your creativity you can make flowers, dolls etc.
You can make lamasa flowers and fruits and arrange them on small cane baskets., on pots and ceramic tiles.
We will try to take snaps of some of my work and post them for your viewing in the near future.