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  • This week the assignment is an introduction into 3D printing. Students will each create a 3D (printed) model of a stamp that they will use to sign their artwork with. Students can use the stamp to press into clay for a signature, or they can dip it in paint and press it onto a 2D work. The goal of the stamp is to use symbols that represent each student's unique identity and will serve as an artists' signature for their work in the future.

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Word of the Week

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    This week the "word of the word of the week" is symbol.

    We will be exploring symbols in our everyday life and creating symbols to represent ourselves.

Useful Links

  • Click the "Useful Links" tab on the lefthand side to find the link for the tinkercad website we will be using to create our stamps.

    There are also several useful links included that have tips and tricks as well as information on how to use tinkercad.

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